ABGELEHNT Request to lift a ban for behavior.

Dieses Thema im Forum "Aufhebung der Strafe beantragen" wurde erstellt von LaaawKey, 22. Juni 2022 um 21:30 Uhr.

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  1. LaaawKey


    يوم جيد،
    بهذه الرسالة أطلب إطلاق سراحي.

    أهلاً سيدي كنت أرغب في تقديم هذا الطلب من أجل رفع عقوبتي.
    اسم اللعبة الخاص بك:ffa kb
    سبب الشجاعة / المنع:
    Please, my esteemed lord, allow me to play with your servant, because I really loved him.and i wont try my mistake ever.
    شرح الموقف:
    I think that my ban is definitely justified. But I misbehaved because one of the servants had offended me. His words were bad. I acted because this made me feel humiliated. I wish you would believe me because I am telling the truth.
    الدليل / أسباب براءتي أو اعتذاري:
    There is no evidence of my innocence, but I must say the truth.
    مادة مضافة:nothing

    يكون التطبيق الخاص بك صالحًا فقط إذا تم استخدام هذا النموذج.
  2. Flxsse


    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Dear LaaawKey,

    thank you very much for your unban appeal as well as your interest in our network
    We've looked at your appeal and processed with it.

    Unfortunately we have to tell you that your request couldn't convince us.

    Reasons for the denial:
    - Your information don’t match with the truth.
    - Your declarations in the appeal aren't enough explained.
    - Your appeal didn’t include enough information about your ban (there are many accounts banned for avoiding your current sanctions on "LaaawKey").
    - After your sanction, you again received a penalty elsewhere (as already mentioned there are many different accounts, please name all of them in your next request for an unban).
    - With an unban you would bypass another ban that exists on a different account of yours.
    - Your unban appeal couldn’t convince us.

    Important Infos
    • Please note that you can only create an unban appeal every two months.
    • If you create an unban appeal within the two months, a forum block will be the result.
    • For questions regarding your unbanning request, we are available on Teamspeak³ (ts.playinfinity.de) and Ticket Support on Discord.
    We wish you a nice day.

    Best Regards,
    the Serverteam
    derSturmii gefällt das.
Status des Themas:
Es sind keine weiteren Antworten möglich.